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Long Term Care and Incapacity

Big Changes and Big Decisions


Change is life’s only constant.  Sometimes health changes strike without warning, and sometimes

health changes happen slowly over time.  Some people experience strokes, accidents, aneurisms,

or other sudden and unexpected medical crises, rendering them incapable of caring for themselves. Other times, a progressive illness such as Alzheimer’s disease slowly takes its toll, ultimately

making it impossible to care for its victim in any setting other than a skilled nursing facility.

Finding and affording quality care can be difficult and stressful.  Proper care is very expensive, and people are often shocked to learn that insurance does not pay long-term care.  Life savings can be quickly depleted, and a well spouse can be left in a financial crises, as all the funds were spent on their spouse’s nursing home care.

We can help.  We evaluate the best options, and assist with Medi-Cal eligibility and benefits to help pay for long-term skilled nursing care. Our team of Elder Care Coordinators, Public Benefit Specialists, and Legal Professionals help locate and get the best care, while obtaining financial Medi-Cal benefits to help pay for the care.

The Medi-Cal Maze

Although Medicaid requirements vary from state to

state, they all share one common element: complexity.

California Medicaid is referred to as “Medi-Cal”, and

has its own set of rules and regulations.  Well-meaning

neighbors, friends, and even health care professionals

often give wrong information and advice to those

trying to navigate the Medi-Cal maze without professional

legal guidance.  Doing on-line research often uncovers old improper rules, incorrect information, or laws from different states.  Relying on wrong information can be financially devastating, and result in huge penalties and ineligibility for this important financial benefit.

The Medi-Cal Qualification Process = Legally Protecting the Maximum Amount the Law Allows


Our team of professionals evaluates each individual situation, and prepares a written plan to achieve eligibility and Medi-Cal benefits while protecting and preserving assets. Our Law Firm legally represents our clients throughout the process, guides them through the complicated Medi-Cal maze, and advocates for our clients in care settings.  Our goal is to help our clients, every step of the way.