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  • Jane M. McNamara

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: A Promising New Breakthrough

Dr. Dale Bredesen recently published a breakthrough book called “The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline.” He outlines a detailed, comprehensive program in his book, referred to as “the Bredesen Protocol,” that targets the multiple underlying causes of Alzheimer's disease. The overall goal of the Bredesen Protocol is to improve cognitive function in those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease, and prevent the disease in others.

Dr. Bredesen advises that Alzheimer’s Disease is complex, and there are many root causes. Based on his research, he writes about three sub-types of Alzheimer’s Disease, and how to develop treatment plans for each. His protocol looks at 45 factors (metabolic markers), hormones, lifestyle, as well as the “Alzheimer’s gene.” He, and those doctors that follow his cutting-edge protocol (certified practitioners), recommends a series of detailed and comprehensive blood tests. Depending upon the results, a treatment plan is prepared, or for those not yet affected by the disease, a preventative plan is developed. The plan is different for everyone, depending upon their test results, but this is a very simplistic summary:

1. Fix the underlying cause(s) – and there may be several (infections, toxin exposure, insulin issues, chronic inflammation, etc.) 2. Change the damaging lifestyle (quality of sleep, stress reduction, exercise, etc.) 3. Implement significant diet changes, which includes being in ketosis, eating high amounts of fiber, eliminating processed foods, sugars, etc. 4. Optimizing hormones and other biomarkers with supplements and herbs.

For those that have concerns about developing the disease in the future, for those with a family history of the disease, or for those that are showing early or moderate Alzheimer’s symptoms, this book is a “must read.” It is complex in areas, but offers real hope, science, and stories of those the program has helped. As there is a significant family history of Alzheimer’s Disease in my family (Jane's Family), I have a personal appointment booked with a Bredesen Protocol Certified Physician, to start the testing and develop a preventative plan for me. I’ll write about the experience in another article – more to come!

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