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Alzheimer's Prevention Plan

Big pharmaceutical companies continue to try to find a “pill” cure for Alzheimer’s disease, without success. But current research shows that Alzheimer’s is not really a “disease”, but instead a protective response the brain initiates to shield itself from years of abuse. This means that Alzheimer’s is preventable, but not curable.

What abuse is the brain responding to? Inflammation/infection, poor nutrients, toxic exposures, high blood sugar and insulin resistance, poor sleep, genetics (Apoe4), “standard American diet”, hormone and supportive nutrient depletion, and more. Researchers suggest that each person should evaluate these factors, evaluate bloodwork to determine deficiencies and inflammation, determine their genetic risks, and initiate a Personal Prevention Plan with the aid of a physician or coach well versed in this area. In so doing, we nourish and support our brains for the long-term, and not unintentionally abuse it over the decades.

Dr. Dale Bredesen, neurologist, opined that if enough people adopt an Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan, “the consequences would ripple across the nation and the world, cutting medical costs by many billions of dollars a year, preventing Medicare’s bankruptcy, reducing the global burden of dementia, and enhancing longevity.” See The End of Alzheimer’s, by Dr. Dale Bredesen, page 15. results showed that I carry a single allele of Apoe4, so I take my Personal Prevention Plan very seriously. With the help of Dr. Steven Gundry, my Prevention Plan includes a strict brain-healthy diet (organic, no sugar, low carb, healthy fats), lots of nutritional supplements based on my bloodwork, and more. Check back with me in 50 years when I am 106 years old, and you’ll see sharp my brain is!