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Common Fears About Estate Planning

Over the years, I have met wonderful, intelligent people who have become clients. But many, to my surprise, were very reluctant to get their affairs in order due to fear. Here is a summary of concerns people have expressed to me:

1. Feelings that somehow, Estate Planning will hasten their death;

2. Feeling that the Estate Planning process is overwhelming;

3. Feeling nervous about seeing a lawyer;

4. Feeling that Estate Planning is needed only by elderly people;

5. Feeling like when you’re “dead” the mess you leave behind isn’t your problem;

6. Feeling that the cost will be excessive.

On the other hand, many clients are anxious to get their affairs in order after experiencing problems with the passing of their own parent. The adult child may have been required to endure the probate court (lack of a trust), pursue a conservatorship (lack of a power of attorney), or handle other difficult issues that should have been easily resolved prior to the parents’ death. Those clients now understand the incredible value of an Estate Plan.

Other clients sing the praises of their organized now-deceased parents, and express their gratitude for the parents having an Estate Plan prior to illness or death. Those clients feel it is their duty to pass on this important legacy to their own children, and are eager to complete the Estate Planning process.

If you have fears, the correct information will often provide peace of mind. I urge you to visit our website, watch some informational videos, read some blog posts, and then contact our office for a no-obligation consultation. You have nothing to fear but fear itself, and of passing WITHOUT an Estate Plan.


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