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Why You Need A Trust Attorney During Covid-19

Updated: May 20, 2020

Our world has changed due to Covid-19. The death toll is staggering, as well as the number of victims who have been unable to make their own medical decisions due to the illness. People now realize that estate plan documents are critically important. Trusts, Power of Attorney documents, Advance Care Directives – do you have them, and if so, are they current? You may be tempted to create your own legal documents through the use of online aids, templates, or non-attorney services. However, that can be a big mistake. There are many reasons that you should use an attorney to help prepare your documents. But here is the biggest reason: What May Appear Simple To You May Not Be: Everyone’s circumstances, preferences, assets, and family dynamics are different. An experienced attorney knows what to ask, how to write the wording to legally reflect exactly what you want, how to plan for unexpected contingencies you may not think about, and what works in the “real world”. An experienced attorney understands how to “link” your assets to the trust, so everything works smoothly. There is no substitute for talking with an attorney who understands the options, and can offer guidance. It may seem that with Covid-19, having a conference with an attorney and creating an estate plan is impossible. Not at all. Our office handles our client meetings by Zoom or Facetime, as if we were sitting face to face. Our Law Firm can help with your estate planning needs, as well as Elder Law and Trust Administration (after-death issues). Especially in times like these, we must all be prepared. For an appointment, please call the McNamara Law Firm, PC, at (661) 287-3260, or visit

Plan for the unexpected, plan for your family, plan for yourself.
Why You Need A Trust Attorney During Covid-19

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